12th January 2014

Joining the Engagement Team - Work Week Assignment

Joined the Mozillian family about a year ago.  Happy Anniversary!  

This is my first blog post so please bare with me if you find it boring … and please kindly ignore any typos or grammar mistakes ;)

I assume most of you don’t know me as last year I spent most of time hiding in my little corner in the Vancouver office working on Lightbeam for Firefox. Visit Let me tell you a bit about myself if you are interested in getting to know my background.

Joining the Engagement Team

2014, new start!  I’m now on a new team called the Engagement Team.  This is a newly introduced team which consisted of people from our old Development Team and Communication Team.  This transition will definitely open up a new page in my career as it will be different from working under a R&D(-like) team.  I’m excited and I’m looking forward to working with the team, although I must admit I’m a little nervous about my new role.

Where do I fit in?

As a web developer, I turn the team’s design into a resource where every online user can visit.  This will help spreading our words into a global scope.  I can work with the metrics experts to set up tools so we can learn more about our user groups.  Though I’m a marketing/branding novice, I can share (wicked but may be interesting) insights and ideas when we brainstorm strategies.   Internationalization and localization play an important part in the tech world now.  Having text translated into users’ native language can motivate them to try out the tools we introduce.  If we ever need to translate things into Chinese, I’ll be there to help :P

What can we do better in 2014? 

I’m hoping that we can set up a wiki page or similar shared resource that gets updated frequently, something that will help keep everyone on the same page.  When we have inquiries about a specific project or task, we can refer to the page and figure out who to talk to.  Knowing everyone’s updates can also prevent people from doing duplicated work.  This helps reducing unnecessary iterations on decision making and will make the process go more smoothly and efficiently.

In the late stage towards the Lightbeam for Firefox launch, more and more people became involved with the project to help polish/evaluate various aspects of the final product.  Things got a little crazy.  We had issues with including the right group of people with discussion.  We had trouble keeping up with decisions that had been finalized.  I hope we can come up with a solution to overcome this hurdle.

What should we keep?

As a fairly new Mozillian, I’d say I really enjoyed events where people got together to share ideas, hack existing projects, and build up network.  Collaboration makes the community grow bigger and tighter.  Making people feel like they are a part of the family so they will be willing to do things that benefit the family.   We can also use the chance to showcase Mozilla projects, spread our words, and encourage people to help make our mission come true.   It’ll be awesome if we can help initiate these kind of events.  

From my experience in working on Lightbeam for Firefox, I enjoyed having frequent conversations with people I worked closely with - in my former team, our lead developer(who is also my mentor) Dethe Elza and our designer, Sabrina Ng.   I got to know my coworkers better while at the same time, I got suggestions on technical problems I was stuck on. As a team we grew and found inspiration together.  Even though the Engagement team is a lot bigger than my former team, I’m looking forward to knowing each one of you better.

What do I most want to get out of the work week?

Introduce myself and meet with everyone on the team!

I’m new to the team and new to this domain of work.  After this week, I hope I will have a better understanding of what the team’s goals are and the responsibilities I have to help achieve our goals.

Though I joined Mozilla Foundation for a year already, I still haven’t got a chance to know most of the people in the organization.  I would like to use this opportunity to build a stronger relationship with the folks, to know everyone’s responsibility, and to work and come up with a 2014 plan together.